My friend John Logan (Bali based photographer, artist and activist) took this picture when I was waiting at the local supermarket while in the middle of a pandemic and a national mask mandate, which is at time of writing still ongoing. Its a poignant image for these times, I am waiting with no particular hurry, with a mask that covers my face. 

When I am not shopping for groceries though, I like working on stories with my photographs and videos (YouTube, IG).

And before Covid-19 I used to spend most of my time in Bali, Amsterdam (my home base) and on the road in the USA with my partner Lee Downey (

I take pictures whenever I feel like it, and if possible of course.

Other than that, whenever it so occurs, I travel to see friends and places. Yoga is part of my daily routine and with that, a deeper interest of Hindu culture of India and Hindu culture here in Bali.