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Gunung Kawi is an 11th century Temple complex deep in the Pakerisan River Valley. This is one of my favorite places to take pictures and to walk the dogs. The light is always different, the atmosphere in the temple is amazing and the surrounding nature is breath taking. It is one of the oldest historical sites of Bali. Its magnificent 'Candis', caves and cloisters are cut into stone unlike anywhere else in the world. These colossal works of art and craftsmanship are hewn into the towering cliffs. The more time I spend down there the more aware I am of the mysterious past and ancient legends of the little known era of Balinese Kings.
It is however also one of the main temples for worship which can be especially well observed during the yearly temple birthday.
Pakerisan River Valley at Gunung Kawi Temple in Tampaksiring, Bali